Sunday, July 4, 2010

Battle Report: Week 4, Escalation League

In case you noticed, I missed week 3 of the league due to Father's Day (and being my first year as a father) and my wife's 40th Birthday (Yea, I value my life and appreciate my wife watching the kids so I can play at yea, I skipped 40k). The following week was the Malleus Imperator event so the league was postponed. Unfortunately, I worked all weekend and missed everything! Grrr. I was so on to bring my Libby dread to the Kill Team tourney.


On to this weeks session. We moved up to 750pts this week. Due to low turnout, Mack popped a surprise on us all. He slid two tables together making a 12' x 4' game board with five evenly spaces objectives down across the center. He then divided us up to Chaos, Daemons, and Orks vs. Imperial Guard, Grey Knights, Sisters Of Battle, Marines, Eldar and Tau. He then threw another surprise; the chaos/Orks got a Stompa on turn two. The prize was the faction (not side) with the most objectives would win a special ability to use later with the warp throwing odd effects out.
We pretty much all lined up across the board on both sides, not knowing what was in store from Mack. Heh. We failed to seize so Chaos went first.
So I brought this nice new shiny Flip camera along and forgot to use it to record the battle! Argh! Guess I'm not in the habit. And of course the 20 minutes per side for a turn didn't encourage me either.

Ok, so there was really too much going on to capture a blow by blow so I'll just sum up.

Turn 1:

CHAOS: Chaos was pretty light on the damage in shooting and no assaults. Pink Horrors dropped next to the GK Land Raider...whoops! He later said he didn't think there were troops in the LR or wouldn't have dropped there. A Greater Daemon dropped in the middle of the field. My Shield of Sanguinius kept my dread and rback from buying it.
US: A pretty good round of shooting for US. Two killacans went up quickly, a Defiler was immobilized, Several Orks went up in smoke, some Chaos Marines bit the dust, etc.
ME: I moved up my Libby Dread with the rbacks within 6" for the cover saves. I also shot my assault cannons on the rbacks to take out 7 lootas (out of 16).

Turn 2:
CHAOS: The Stompa comes in and unleashes unholy hell killing a rhino, most of a GK squad and sisters sqd with the Gatling gun that keeps bouncing until doubles are rolled. He then used the grot guided missiles to take out my rback and a Crimson Fist Predator. A Greater Daemon deep struck in mid field. Yikes! 10 Initiative, 4 wounds, etc. Also some daemons (the power weapon ones) on an objective. Chaos marines popped my other rback. The Stompa killed 3 of my assault marines..I missed three armor saves and three FNP saves. Leaving two to hold an objective.
US: We moved up more and had a decent round of fire. The GK put one wound on the greater daemon.
ME: I assaulted the daemons with the Libby dread thinking I would eat through them and they were unable to touch my 13 armor. Unfortunately, I killed nothing. Darn Invuln saves. My predator put two wounds on the greater daemon and my two 5-man assault squads put the finishing wound on it. Woot! It was about to assault my Libby Dread.

Turn 3:
CHAOS: By this point, almost the whole Sisters army list was wiped. The Crimson Fists lost a rhino to the killacan. A decent round of firing for Chaos. the Deamon Prince moved up and joined the assault on my libby dread Immobilizing it.
US: WE moved up more and had a decent round of firing.
ME: I popped the Defiler finally with my predator. Killed a couple daemons with my libby.
At this point, I held one objective, the Eldar held one and the Tau held one. With my libby contesting an objective. The Chaos marines also held an objective.

Turn 4:
CHAOS: The Orks moved into CC with the Crimson Fists and one of my assault squads was lashed into range so was multi-assaulted by those orks. I get no respect. The Crimson Fists lost a few too many so I had to make a save and of course, three games in a row I failed and ran away. the Fists stayed though. Figures. Heh. My libby dread finally fell. Well, just like an Ironclad, he sure can tar pit, though not much of anything else. I wonder if taking the Might of Heroes for the extra d3 attacks would have helped.
US: The Tau crisis suits deep struck in and shot up some chaos marines on an objective. We were hoping they'd run but didn't lose 25% so stayed. Tau moved up to sit on an objective (we can share objectives on the same side instead of contest).
ME: My assault marines ran again because orks were within 6". My predator immobilized a chaos rhino keeping them from moving up to block my tank shock on turn 5.

Turn 5:
We all knew this would be the last turn.
CHAOS: The daemons, chaos marines and daemon prince all moved to try to block my tank shock. They killed the last two GK (luckily because I cannot tank shock through my own team). Mostly positioning at this point. The Stompa assaulted the crisis suits as well as some little critters of nurgle. Unfortunately locking then in CC. The Stompa wiped out a GK squad moving up to contest the other CSM objective.
US: The Fists tried to shoot the CSM off the center objective, but didn't score enough models for a morale test. :( That would have knocked off CSM from an objective; they held two. More positioning, etc.
ME: My predator lined up to moss the meltagun CSM and was attempting an 18" tank shock. I had to go through the daemons (which could not touch 13av front armor), but the DP managed several hits (unfortunately, he should have only rolled one attack and rolled all). One hit immobilized the predator thus stopping his attempt to contest. I didn't realize he rolled all attacks until after I left.

Ending result: My BA held one objective, Tau held two, Eldar held one, CSM held two. The CSM and Tau tied so both get a card to play a special ability from the craziness coming out of the warp in the coming weeks.

My 750pt BA list is as follows:
Libby Dread w/ Wings and Shield of Sanguinius
5-man assault sqd w/ Powersword, Meltagun w/ razorback w/ Asscans and dozerblades.
Sanguinary priest w/ Powersword
AC/LC Predator w/ dozerblades

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