Friday, July 30, 2010

Video Battle Report - BA vs CSM 1850pts

Hey all, this is my first attempt at a video battle report. So you will be dazzled with plenty of umm's and ahh's. As Kroxitau told me, when he started doing video battle reports his win-loss ratio went way down. Perhaps from loss of focus. We'll see how I fair. I caught some tactical mistakes I made in the game, but from watching the video, I see even more.

5th edition does really seem like a Rock, Paper, Scissors game. One army/list will slaughter another army/list, but be slaughtered by another army and the army that slaughters you is slaughtered by the army you slaughter. I slaughter Krotitau's Tau, his Tau slaughter Sarafanknights CSM and his CSM slaughter my BA. To see Kroxitau's Blog with the shortest battle report ever, check it out HERE.
The biggest mistake I made was to treat this army list as my mechanized/shooty list and try to divide fire to take down by target priority. I dropped down my marines to take out the Defiler and the Daemon Prince (on opposite sides of the board) and in doing so, I put myself in the middle of his whole army and let them get the assaults on me instead of me using my superior mobility to assault him with Furious Charge. I probably should have overloaded one side and doubled up units against his units. I can say I rolled really poorly like half my dice were one's and two's. We all got a laugh at how poorly I was rolling. A second one I caught too late was not positioning my Sanguinary Priests to give their FNP bubble to multiple squads and one was shot to pieces.
I'm playing a whole assault marine army because I want to learn how to play assault marines well and what better way then by playing them and only them.
Well, enjoy the report. I would appreciate any feedback to help me improve my reports.


  1. That game was pretty crazy. There was lots of good luck - bad luck cancellations. Like my Daemon Prince taking way too many melta hits and surviving, but then failing Wind of Chaos with an 11 and getting killed before he could attack at initiative 5 :( Or the bolt pistol immobilizing a rhino and meltas failing to even glance! Overall, luck was on my side for sure. The chaos termies should NOT have dominated those vangard like that.

    I'm still trying to get better at Capture and Control games. I usually do well as far as killing, but I'm always 4" away from objectives when I need to be 3, and it's not a matter of forgetting to get guys close, I just always misjudge the distance I think they can travel. You were crazy close to winning that game, but another good luck - bad luck cancellation when my noise and berserkers ran 2" and 1" respectively, but then I get a plasmacannon hit 3/3 dead, and a bolter on the rhino finishes off your last troop.

    Fun stuff, I agree that you should have clumped up and used your mobility. The tough part would be leaving either the Defiler or the Daemon Prince free to do their thing, but it would have prevented the rest of my whole army from doing their best attacks the round after the drop.

    Good game! We should play again soon!

  2. It was a great learning game for me. I used to have that problem where I'd be an inch or half an inch outside 3", but I figured out my issue was starting toward the objective a turn later than I should. Once I started planning to be over the top of the objective by turn 5 (or 4), I stopped having that problem. I was wondering why you hadn't started moving your noise marines until like 4th turn. Maybe even putting your obj up in the building with the noise marines would have been better. You get cover, get to keep shooting, don't rely on running to get there in time, and it's hard to assault buildings like that; I can only get so many models in base contact.
    But definately, let's play again, I want to take what I learned and use it. :)

  3. I try to stay away from putting objectives in cover, that means when the enemy is contesting them they get to be in cover as well, and I just want to shoot them.

    There were a couple of times where you had the option to charge and didn't, I never knew why.

    I don't slaughter CSM but I defintiely don't get super tatored by them either

  4. After everything was setup, I was wishing that objective was in the building with my noise marines, but I didn't know where you were gonna drop. I was planning to use my noise marines to shoot at anyone trying to contest that objective, but the berserkers and plague marines didn't end up where I was expecting. I agree with Krox, I usually like objectives out in the open so enemies don't get cover either.

    Good plan to try to get there by turn 4. I think that game threw me off a little since there basically was no turn 1.

  5. I like em in cover because then my opponent's vehicle needs to make a dangerous terrain check to try to contest. Hey, 1 in 6 chance of game mechanics protecting my obj is not bad. Or causing my opponent to pull up short when trying to last round snag to contest. ;) But there are good benefits not to have then in cover as well.

  6. Sensor spines "ignore difficult and dangerous terrain" :P