Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Battle Report: Week 6, Escalation League

It's Imperium Vs. Xenos week at the league. Which means it's 2v2 for Imperium and Xenos players. I arrived late and they were one Imperium player short (IG and BT are Imperium faction for the purposes of the league). so I was asked to step in and defend the Imperium. Muahahaha! So it was my BA and Mack’s IG against Tau and Eldar.


Board: Lava board - lava counted as dangerous terrain.
Mission: Special 5 objective mission and some Deep Strike rule that popped any deep striker off the board at the end of their turn and they come back in the next turn. None of us had any deep strikers so it did not affect our game.
Deployment: Pitched Battle, Xenos went first, Imperium failed to seize.

Tau deployed along their right side of their table edge, Eldar along their left.
BA deployed in the center huddled around the Libby dread for Shield of Sanguinius. IG Vendetta Scout moved flat out to get in good position across the board on the Tau side. Rest of IG deployed in a bunker and along our right side (Eldar side).

Tau list: 2x Hammerheads, 1x Devilfish w/ Fire Warriors, 1x Pathfinders in bunker, crisis commander.
Eldar: 1x Wave Serpent with Dire Avengers, 1xWave Serpent with Guardians and Farseer, WraithLord.
IG List: Vendetta w/ Vet sqd with meltaguns, Chimera with some robed fearless guys, troop sqd w/ autocannon in bunker, Deathstrike Missile.
BA: Libby Dread w/ Wings and Shield of Sanguinius, 2x 5-man Raz sqd w/ Asscan, Sgt w/ PS, Sanguinary Priest w/ PS, AC/LC Predator.


Xenos: Unfortunately the Tau unloaded everything and scored no damage. The Eldar moved fast across the board to get in position around the IG.
Imperium: Vendetta did nothing, BA Predator stunned Hammerhead, IG may have destroyed or shook a wave serpent as well. Rushed 2 Rbacks and Libby forward.

Xenos: Another unlucky round for Tau, they managed to destroy one TL LasCan off the Vendetta. Eldar were unable to do much of anything.
Imperium: Vets hopped out of Vendetta and melta'ed the Hammered to death. BA shot Fire Warriors killing a handful hiding behind the Devilfish. BA Predator knocked the railgun off other Hammerhead. IG autocann immobilized Dire Avenger wave serpent.

Xenos: Tau immobilized and stunned a rback. I think Tau commander shook the amazingly resilient chimera.
Imperium: IG vet sqd melta'ed the bunker and destroyed it and a few pathfinders and one of it's own numbers. They then assaulted the Pathfinders and wiped them out. Destroyed Devilfish killing several Fire Warriors. BA chewed up the rest with asscans and the last one ran off the table. Ran BA assault sqd up to objective. Libby Dread rolled over 12 (darn farseer) when trying to use Wings power and stunned self for a turn. BA Predator destroyed Guardian Wave Serpent. IG Autocannon put a wound on Wraithlord.

Xenos: Took Asscann off immobilized rback. Moved up Hammerhead to contest an objective. Guardians climbed on top of the wrecked wave serpent
Imperium: BA Libby Dread ran up to Hammerhead and destroyed it, killing one BA assault marine. Oops! IG killed several Dire Avengers with flamers. Other Rback cruised over to protect objective near guardian wave serpent.

Xenos: Guardians finished climbing over wave serpent losing one to dangerous terrain. Farseer and two Dire Avengers moved to contest obj near IG troopers and destroyed their bunker. Eldar popped the chimera (finally!)
Imperium: IG fearless sqd wiped out Fire Warriors sitting on an obj on the Eldar side to claim it. BA moved on to claim an obj. Libby Dread moved to attack Wraithlord, but IG Autocannon put wound on Wraithlord and BA melta (I think) finished it off or the other way around. IG guard killed two Dire Avengers leaving one wound on a Farseer. Assault sqd got out of rback and moved to be in assault range of Guardians. BA rback Asscan finished off the Farseer. BA Assault Sqd assaulted Guardians and ate them up then consolidated onto claim an obj.
At this point we called the game. We rolled and game would have continued, but we called it.

End result: Imperium 4, Xenos 0, 1 wide open.

Honestly, if the Tau and Eldar had a good first turn (or even a good second turn) of shooting, it would have been a completely different game.

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