Sunday, July 25, 2010

Battle Report: Week 7, Escalation League


Campaign stuff: Chaos attacked GloryBound, I chose to defend. Chaos played card to allow each player to chose an opponent's unit every turn to make it leave the table and deep strike the next turn (yes, even a squad in a razorback can deep strike this way). I played my card which forced my opponent to choose their other card which forced the mission to Capture & Control. I didn't want to worry about getting in position or have my unit holding an objective pulled off.
Board: Few hills, Trees and a few Cargo hauler boxes
Mission: Capture & Control
Deployment: Spearhead, we both deployed pretty close to the center.
Initiative: Chaos wins, Blood Angels failed seize.

Here are the army lists...

Blood Angels (Player: Me):
- 5-man Assault Sqd w/ 1xMeltagun, Sgt has PS in Twin-Linked Asscannon Razorback
- 5-man Assault Sqd w/ 1xMeltagun, Sgt has PS in Twin-Linked Asscannon Razorback
- Sanguinary Priest w/ PS
- Librarian Dreadnought w/ Wings and Shield of Sanguinius
- Predator AC/LasCannon

Chaos Marines (Player: Matt):
9x Chaos Marines, Champion, 1x Meltagun, Rhino w/ combi-melta
5x Chaos Marines w/ Hvy Bolter
3 Terminators, 1x Reaper Autocannon, 1x Combi-Melta?
Deamon Prince w/ Wings and Lash

Turn 1:
Chaos: Moved the Defiler up 6", the DP up 12", the Rhino up 12" and popped smoke. Defiler's battle cannon scattered off into nothing.
BA: Moved both rbacks 7", moved Predator 6". Predator lit up the defiler destroying it. Asscans failed to open up the rhino (had popped smoke and made saves). Libby Dread used Wings to move up and assault the rhino and failed to score any 6's to hit.

Turn 2:
Chaos: Moved DP up next to an rback, Rhino shot combi-melta at Libby Dread and rolled two 1's failing to do any damage. Shot a meltagun out of the fire point on the rhino and the Libby dread cannot shoot. DP whiffed on the rback (no 6's scored). Termies deep struck and mishapped. I placed them on a far table corner.
BA: Moved Predator 6", rbacks 12". Both Asscans and Predator shot up the DP scoring 3 wounds. Libby Dread only scored a Stun on the Rhino.

Turn 3:
Chaos: Moved termies 6" and ran 5". DP hopped over to the Predator and destroyed it. Chaos Marines got out of the rhino and immobilized the libby dread.
BA: Assault sqd hopped out of rback near the DP and caused the final wound. rback moved to cover sqd from the termies with the reaper autocannon. Libby Dread destroyed rhino and chaos marines spilled out. Moved other rback up 12" toward the chaos objective to take out the 5 chaos marines hanging out there.

Turn 4:
Chaos: Rhino marines moved up and melta'ed the rback that was heading toward the chaos obj destroying the rback. Moved up termies and shot at other rback failing to score damage.
BA: Rback moved into cover within 3" of BA objective and assault sqd got in the rback. Libby Dread turned and looked at the chaos marines and took a pot shot with the storm bolter doing nothing but wave. Assault marines moved up to edge of cover near the chaos marines obj. Asscan shot killing 2 chaos marines. Assault marines should have ran but shot and scored no hits. Chaos marines failed morale and fell back 7".

Turn 5:
Chaos: Made morale check on chaos marines and moved back 3" putting them 1/8" within range of their obj. Other chaos marine squad shot at my assault squad killing 3.
BA: Rback near chaos termies shot and killed one termie. Assault squad ran in to area terrain approx 4" from chaos objective and decided to shoot at the three chaos marines hoping to cause them to fail and run. [Mistake]I should have skipped the shooting and run to contest. However, I was playing for a 6th turn because my games never end at the end of 5. LOL.

Game ended at the end of turn 5 with a tie. Well played Matt!
This is my second game against Matt. I played him the first week and beat him. This time we tied. He thinks next time we play he'll win. Stay tuned to find out...

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