Wednesday, June 23, 2010

WIP - Librarian Furioso Dread

Ok, so I have decided to start playing around with a Librarian Furioso Dreadnought conversion. It's still in the planning stages so things are likely to change, but I wanted to post what I have been working on.
I used the Ironclad model as my basis. The new Furioso is AV13 so I think it needs a heavier looking armor than the standard Furioso model. I used the both arms from the Ironclad. I took the Chainfist arm, filed off the chain blades and drilled a 1/8" hole into the 'fist' with my dremel. My Tools page has the specifics.
I decided to go with something different for the Force weapon. I was tempted to go with a larger double-deaded eagle icon, but would have to make it out of green stuff and I don't think those skills are up to that much detail...and look good. So I went with more of a halberd/naginata style (Sanguinary Guard glaive) with the double-deaded eagle on the end cap. The shaft is a used ball point pen ink reservoir. I'll add some vine-like squigglies like the libby staffs typically have with green stuff before I prime.
I am using blue-tac to hold bits in place to get a feel.

For the head, I took a marine head and chopped the back half off so it would fit in the termie shoulder pad turned Psychic hood. I also had to file down the ear covers to fit. For the chest plate, I took the torso front from a termie model and cut off the top.

This is roughly how it will look. I messed up a bit when filing down the shoulder pad so if I can't salvage it, I will grab another pad and start over.

Here's how it will look in place. I still need to figure something out for the bottom. I may take the original sarcophagus cover and file down the front to make it look good or some other bit.

I really like this termie librarian model so I used it as inspiration with the force weapon and book on the right shoulder. As shown below.

I may cut off the winged topper, but will leave it for now.

Lastly, to give some strength to the weapon, I added pins (paper clips) into holes drilled with the pin vice. I know I will bump this and it is likely to fall over at some point.

Hope you enjoyed my WIP. I am tempted to run a Librarian Dread with Extra Armor in a Kill Team tournament. I'd be under points (190 total), but I think I would rather have the Stormbolter over the Heavy Flamer for the range. I am planning to take Shield of Sanguinius and Wings of Sanguinius as my powers. With each model being an individual unit, most of the other powers seemed to be overkill.


  1. Fancy! Are you going to add any lights? Since you took the insides out, you could add a little red or maybe a green LED light for creepy light effect!


  2. Hmm, that's an interesting suggestion. If I did, I could hollow out the eyes since I have the head half chopped up. I'll have to look in to how easy it would be. Maybe the switch is what I could place on the bottom of the sarcophagus where I have a gap, perhaps attached behind a BA icon. Now I just need to find the extra time. Heh.