Thursday, June 10, 2010

WIP - Sanguinary Priest

I looked at the GW Sanguinary Priests and they look great...but out of stock so GW cancelled my order. So I needed to find an alternative. I started looking at the bits I had and found a combo I really like. It's the legs and sword from the Death Company box (with the X pattern sanded off the right knee). The Apothecary torso and Narcium arm from the Command Squad box, and the winged jump pack from the Sanguinary Guard box. I doubt I'll ever run Sanguinary Guards though I love the models. The bodies will most likely become honor guard with vanguard vets jump packs.

Here's another view. Notice the small grail on the base. I trimmed it off a backpack in the Death Company box. It will fit perfectly in the Apothecary's Narcium hand. I may cut the fingers so they wrap around the grail for a better look.

And lastly, I am a magnet maniac so it is fully magnetized.
The wings are positioned in such a way that they each have three points of contact with the main pack for added strength. I glued them with Citidel Super Glue, then after a couple minutes, went over with Krazy Glue brush-on to fill in the cracks and add extra strength.

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