Wednesday, May 19, 2010

When is it [PROXY] to proxy a [PROXY]?

So what's the craziest proxy you have used? For me, it's this beauty above, the Pop Pod (tm). I don't know what's worse, the guys in my gaming group still giving me crap about using it once a year and a half ago...or my wife. I showed it off to her right after I finished it. Yea, that was one month after we got married. She knew I was a geek, but I soared to new heights with her that day. Heh. She still rolls her eyes about it.

When I first started out I, like many of you, thought ha! I can get into 40k cheap. My friends are wrong. It isnt going to cost me the price of a flat screen TV. So I'd wait for sales, buy off ebay, got a VIP membership for a discount at the flgs, and even asked for paypal and ebay gift certificates for birthdays and holidays. I thought I was so smart. I figured I'd proxy everything before I buy.
Of course, after the razzing I got from the Pop Pod, I didn't proxy much after that...which led me to buying models just to play test them. So much for the getting in to the hobby cheap. The up side is I almost had enough marine models to field two armies so when the Blood Angels codex came out (it was the assault marine models that got me in to 40k in the first place), I was good to go.
Which brings me to when is it ok to proxy and for how long? I am personally fine with proxying for however long it takes to try a model out to get a real feel for it and then assemble it. Most tourneys are WYSIWIG so there I would expect a player to have at least 95%. I understand life happens and sometimes you just can't get everything ready. I'm not going to be THAT GUY and screw them because of a couple models. In friendly PUG games, I am fine with whatever as long as I can clearly identify which model is what. Consistency is key. If you're going to use flamers to represent meltaguns, then every flamer should be a meltagun or pick some other weapon you're not using.
I know some guys at the flgs' that don't want to play anyone who doesn't have a fully painted army and won't themselves play any models that aren't fully painted. If that's what it takes for them to have fun, then that's great. When it comes down to it, we're all in this to have fun...Even if that means playing the Pop Pod from Mount Dew.


  1. Haven't you thrown that monstrosity away yet? I will agree that its ok to proxy for a game or two, but be prepared to get razzed for a life time from your friends.

    As of late I have really gotten into the hobby aspect of 40k, and this is leading me to be the type of player who likes "the look" of real models on the table. If there not painted right away that's totally cool, but something bothers me about seeing the same 'Pop Pod' month after month.

    Trying to save a few bucks is well worth it, just don't get carried away..

  2. I have only recently begun painting my army even though I have had it for a long time. We proxy stuff all the time. Just check some of my battle reports and you will see my buddies use lots of proxies in the early videos.


  3. That. Is. Awesome!

    Think about this. Grab a bigger bottle, shorten it and put some fins on. Would make a great cheap mans Pod for sure!

    Wives. Bah. They don't get awesome.

    Me I have to go for real pods. Got the fancy battle foam for it:)