Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tools List

I decided to move my tools post to its own page which I can link.
You can find it here:


  1. Your blog has already made an impact!

    Steel paper, check.

    How about how to not glue your fingers together when trying to get tiny magnets into tiny spots? They just stick to the tweezers for me so I used my fingers.

    At least I marked all my magnets polarity with a sharpie.

    Keep it coming!


  2. I use an open safety pin to hold the magnet, then glue the back side and use that to put the magnet in place. No fingers near the glue. I also have a square piece of thick plastic that I use to make final adjustments of the magnet and if necessary, hold it in place until the glue sets enough.

  3. See, now you have to get a Flip so I can see that in action.

  4. I've thought about megnetic paint, however from seeing applications of it on walls; to be able to have enough strength, it needs to be pretty thick. Which is not noticable on walls, but would destroy details on a mini.